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Take a Paws for Toe-Beans: Its the Purrrfect way to meet your Cat!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Toe Bean” do not worry. It is new to me also, and I can also tell you, it is fascinating.

I have always been a dog owner, and when I took on the role as a writer for EnVi Pet Care, I realized there was a lot I needed to learn. Fortunately for me, the staff is a wealth of information. I set about my research with an open mind, eager to glean new knowledge. An awesome little snippet I was to learn came through the EnVi Cat Specialist (and by specialist, I mean bottomless pit of feline knowledge), Alicia B.

One piece of information she shared was the Toe-Bean or Paw-Bean pride shown by Pet Parents.

Toe-beans refer to the squishy pads on the underside of a cat’s paws. Because of the shape of a Cat’s paw pad, and their resemblance to a jellybean, the name is fitting. Yet a cat’s paw pad is more than a cute photo opportunity.

A cat’s paws contain scent glands used to mark their territory and "pet human". The cushioned pad is also a shock absorber which allows kitty to jump from great height with the grace of a ballet dancer, or rather the grace a ballet dancer strives to emulate. Paws on a cat are also sweat glands.

The paw, being so important to a cat, is also something that you as a cat parent, or a person considering a cat companion, should take time to check on. The paw pads should be checked for dryness or injuries, especially on outdoor cats exposed to hot or frozen surfaces. Cats are natural groomers, but most enjoy a good brushing. Take this time to peek at the paw pads to see that they are healthy.

Paw-beans can tell us about your cat companion, as there is a direct correlation between a cat’s fur color and their pads: black cats have black pads, white cats usually have light-pink pads, orange cats have orange pads and solid-colored cats, and some purebreds, have paw pads that match the color of their noses. It should therefore be no surprise that Multi-colored cats have multi-colored paw pads. Tabbies, unlike Toms, may have brick red or gray pads.

Finally, we need to acknowledge one really important fact about toe-beans- they are as cute as your own little bundle of feline love, and we want to see them!.

Please take a few moments and share some pictures in the comments below! And while you are there, tell us a little something about your cat or cats.

You can look out for more posts about Cats, Cat Care and advice here on the blog where I convey to you the wisdom of Alicia B.

Alicia is a long-time cat owner and came to EnVi with a wealth of experience in pet care. She worked in an animal hospital for 8 years, taking time to learn about cats (and dogs!) Two of her cat companions are rescues, each with their own unique story, which will appear her in the future.

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05 ene 2021

So cool to see the hard work put in by you guys at EnVi Pet care having a platform. I for one am really looking forward to seeing more posts like this. Toe Beans.....I obvious really now I think about it.

Me gusta
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