Dog Walking


Walking, for your dog, is so much more than “potty breaks.” Dogs are migratory animals, they hold an instinctual need for sensory stimulation and territorial marking. Walking for a dog is as essential as belonging to a pack or family. Walking your dog provides mental stimulation, physical exercise, chances for socialization, and opportunities for behavioral training. As a partnership between dog and human, it helps grow and strengthen a bond which has existed for thousands of years.


  • Mental and Physical Health of your Dog

  • A well stimulated dog will be far less destructive

  • Socialized with other dogs helps for better behaviour.

  • Helps with urinary and digestive health

  • Provides a routine for your dog which will lessen the chances of accidents in the house



  • We train all walkers to provide suitable exercise for your dog as they walk.

  • We check your dogs’ water bowl during the day and, if requested, will set out more food.

  • Starting April 2021) We train all dogs to walk on a fixed length leash creating better leash discipline

  • Our walkers will carryout a mail collection and parcel collection on request

  • We limit the number of walkers for your dog to allow for a better relationship between dog and Pet Buddy. This also helps strengthen a relationship with you and the walker, and you the owner. Trust between client and customer is something which your dog will recognize and respect.

  • Walk reports available upon request

  • All dog walks are private, we do not walk multiple dogs in the area in a single session

  • If you are a multiple dog household, each additional dog costs only $5

Walking the Dog