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In-Home Services


For many reasons, pet boarding in a facility is not always the best option for your pet.  Some pets, such as Reptiles, Pocket-pets and Aquariums, cannot move. They have their home environment set up in and need to be cared for 'in the home.  Cats do far better when their owners are away if they remain in their own home. A cat being moved from home to a cattery which is outside of their territory and suffers from anxiety and stress when moved for short periods of time. This movement is especially true for cats who live multiple cat homes.  Financially, in multiple pet homes, the cost of caring for and boarding pets can be greater than the vacation of their human family members. Other homes have pets who are old, some have medical conditions, and others just like to know their home and peace of mind security relies on their pets at home.  For all the reasons listed above and many more, EnVi offers a range of services to care for your pet while you are away.



  • Pets are cared for in their home

  • Special one-one attention for having an in home pet care specialist while you are away

  • We have staff specially trained in administering pet medications if needed

  • Additional home security when you are away, either for drop-in or overnight services

  • We can fully customize our in home pet care services to suit your needs.

  • Mail collection, parcel collection and plant watering service included in the price


  • Overnight service is for a full twelve hour stay in your home.

  • Drop-in services ensure we checked as often your pet as you request

  • We will work with you to see you get the best possible package for your pet

  • Cat litter trays, bird cages, and terrariums cleaning

Grey Cat
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