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Doggy Day Care


For dogs, socialization is an essential part of their behavioral development. Socialization also a part of dog training which requires constant and positive reenforcement. Through day care, and mixing with other dogs, your pet will learn to be comfortable when meeting new people and pets. Such comfort will reduce stress, aggression, and skittish behavior. Dogs also benefit from learning from their own species what is acceptable within a pack, behaviours dogs can only learn from their own which limits possessive behavior, pack manners, and pack interactions.

Through play, exercise and stimulation, dogs do not get bored. They spend their energy throughout the day and are returning home in a calm state of mind.

Using EnVi Pet Cares Doggy Day care service, you can relax and know your dog is safe and active while you are at work or busy with day trips and other activities.




  • Dogs are active and stimulated through socialization

  • Lowers boredom and destructive behaviors

  • Helps with your dog’s’s physical and mental health.

  • Your dog is safe

  • Dogs return home in a relaxed state



  • Full day or half day dare care available.

  • Multiple day packages available

  • We offer dogs constant outdoor play and comfort breaks

  • Dogs learn basic interaction manners within a pack and from our Day Care Pet Buddies

  • Open on weekends!

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